Huikea Experience

We are a software company specializing in user interaction design and development for iOS and web.

What we do?

Fount - understand your business data

We are developing Fount - a new way to visualize and collaborate on your business data. It allows you to combine data from different data sources - for example data for web analytics, sales and payroll - and easily summarize and analyze it to get the full picture what is going on in your business.

Business sofware systems

We have developed and are running a sales reporting and payroll system for the largest telesales organization in Nordics. It processes several million euros every year and over thousand employees get their salaries through the system.

The system stores critical business data such as sales, workhours, sickleaves and holidays. It provides a flexible way to define sales commission models and automatically calculates monthly payrolls. The system provides visual graphs and numerical stats of sales performance, SMS-based daily reports and motivational competition views that can be projected to large screens in an office environment.

iPhone and iPad development

Do you need an iOS application? We can design and develop the application from the scratch or help you to with design and technical architecture of your app.

For example, we developed a native iOS application for Recordshop X, the largest record store company in Finland. The app is a hybrid application combining native and web-based views. It has a native audio player, a customer loyalty card and push notifications, but also has HTML-based views, that provide easy way to update the content daily.

iOS games - Dust Up

Huikea Experience started as an iOS game studio. We developed a 2D game engine called Atemi and build a 2-player real time strategy game Dust Up with it. Check out more information about our games.

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